Fancentro is Getting a Major Makeover!

The adult industry is a fast-paced and constantly changing market, and we at Fancentro have always done our best to stay on top of it. Since we first came onto the scene, Fancentro has been committed to providing the highest standard of reliable support and top-of-the-line features.


As the industry began changing SO quickly, our biggest goal became to release as many new features as possible. This was to help influencers on the platform have many different selling options. Unfortunately, over time, parts of Fancentro’s platform have become needlessly complicated for both influencers and fans.


And so, after some reflection and a deep dive into Fancentro’s platform, it’s become evident that things could be better. While we have amazing features, they tend to clutter up the overall experience, making it overly complicated for both you and your fans. With a little work, we feel that we can give you options that will allow you to present your brands far more effectively. And we’re determined to do just that.



What does that mean for the platform? will be changing both its appearance and feel!


The first major change is to the site itself. will now have a standard homepage with the express purpose of communicating to influencers. Not to worry, the Discovery directory is not going anywhere, but we will change its location to


An All-New Directory page is coming soon!


The Fancentro Directory will also change its look in a more radical way. Right now, the Directory is cluttered with unnecessary distractions and is not achieving its main goal, which is to be a tool for fans to find influencers and influencers to find traffic. So we’ve decided to change how the Directory works for fans:


  1. We are removing Stories and Live streams from the Directory. Because the platform is about you and your relationships with fans, it should be about all of your content, not just some of your content. We know that some influencers use Livestreams and Stories to drive traffic to their pages, so we will provide easy ways for fans to find active Stories and Live streams.
  2. We are removing the Discounts and “Free Clips” badges from the Directory. These have always negatively affected the Directory browsing experience and made the website look cluttered. They will still be available on both your pages and join offers pages, of course.


A New Influencer Profile Page will be released shortly after the new Directory page


Our aim with the new Influencer Profile Page is to focus users’ attention on YOU and your offers, and significantly improve their overall experience. Your page will be cleaner and simpler! Here are some of the changes we have planned:

  • We’re retiring tabs in favor of cleaner navigation throughout your page
  • Your About Me tab will become a collapsible section on your page itself;
  • We’re retiring the My Stats section on your About Me section. This data will only be used for searching and filtering purposes so fans can find exactly who they are looking for in the Directory.
  • We are retiring “Post Unlocks” since this feature is underperforming and is also a distraction to fans.
  • We’re reworking fans’ menus to streamline the navigation process.


Other changes coming soon


  • In order to create a cleaner and more streamlined look, we’ve created helpful guidelines about shooting the perfect avatar that will bring you the most possible traffic and conversion. Click here to learn all about how to create the perfect avatar!
  • We will simplify the subscription process. We believe that the current subscription offers, despite including many perks and being extremely flexible, are somewhat difficult to understand for both our partners (you) and your fans. We want to improve the process for everyone and still maintain the flexibility, so we will be testing a few different approaches in the near future aiming to release the winner by the end of the year.
  • We aim to rebuild the Influencer Admin panel to be a more effective and easy-to-use tool that will help you with your daily routines. A complete overhaul of the admin panel is required now that the platform and the market itself has changed so significantly in such a short time.
  • As a result of the changes in the political environment that the industry has been affected by this year, every platform will be required to create stricter content compliance processes. This change is coming very soon, but that will be the subject of separate communication that we will send out when the time comes.


We understand that you may find this somewhat overwhelming, and perhaps too sudden or radical. And it is inevitable that some of you will not like these changes. But we are determined that even though the way you use will change, the result will surprise you in the end. Please remember that some of these changes are not irreversible, and we will be more than happy to discuss any and all of them in our Telegram group to come up with better solutions or compromises together.

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