6 Ways to Inspire Your Rebirth

With the recent news that Fancentro will be undergoing a MAJOR makeover, we’ve got rebirth on the brain! Though it may be a difficult thing to face, sometimes you need to throw away your old, comfortable habits in order to allow new growth and development to emerge. If you feel like certain areas of your life have become stagnant and you’re looking for new opportunities to flow, we’ve got some ideas for you!


What is rebirth?


Rebirth is a mental and physical practice that allows you to shed old habits to make way for new growth and turnover. You may not necessarily be in a bad place, but being too comfortable in your old habits can delay progress and stunt your growth. It’s a good idea to take inventory every once in a while to see what’s really working in your life and what you can sweep away to make way for something new.


The team at FanCentro has recently been considering the topic of rebirth and now we’re applying it to our platform! Since there are exciting new changes just around the corner, we wanted to give you some of our best tips and ideas for hitting refresh on your own life.


How can you get started? Here are some of our favorite tips for breathing new life into yourself!


Reflect on the past year


Don’t wait for New Year’s Eve to think about what you’ve accomplished. Start now by taking a peek back at everything you’ve done over the last twelve months. What goals did you set for yourself? Did you achieve them or do you still have a ways to go? Are some of your goals no longer valid? Sitting down and making a list of which of your goals are still on the horizon and which have gone stale is a great step toward fueling your rebirth.


Make a healthy change


Here’s the key to this one: it should be a small change. Rebirth isn’t about making massive strides all at once, it’s about taking small steps that will lead to a better you. So instead of going from being couch-bound to signing up for a 10K, start small: rather than doing 10K do a 10-minute walk three times a day. The regular exercise will help you build even healthier habits without biting off more than you can chew.


Knock out a bad habit


Are you tied to your phone 24/7? Is multitasking your normal state? While that might be great for your career, it’s even better for burnout. So take a step back. Bad habits, especially those that take away from your focus, are a mental health killer, and the longer you stick with them the harder they can be to break. Just like your physical health, you should start small. Resist checking your email every five minutes, read a book instead of scrolling through socials, and have a meal with a friend where no one picks up the phone.


Take a break


A break doesn’t have to mean stepping away from life completely–it can be as simple as recognizing that things might have gotten a little too crazy and realizing that you can use a helping hand. If there’s an area of life that’s causing you a ton of stress, take a breath and think about how you can take it down a notch.


Learn how to say NO


One of the biggest ways you can fuel your own rebirth is by putting your own needs in front of the needs of others. That may sound selfish, but remember that you’re no good to anyone unless you’re good to yourself. Saying yes to things that you know are going to stress you out just because you want to be a people pleaser is seriously detrimental to your mental health. Let the word “no” into your vocabulary and watch how your life will begin to take on a better shape.


Detox and declutter


When you’re full of ‘excess’ — whether it be toxic habits, clutter, or even relationships weighing you down, think about cutting back and clearing out. An evaluation of your wants and needs will allow you to purge the things that are keeping you from achieving your goals and make way for fresh new changes.

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